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We make consulting

 more human.


As digitalization becomes core to every business, our job is to create digital and brand experiences that connects with people through their online/offline journey, since awareness till retention.


Manuel Álvarez



Founder at Maalvs. Graduated from a J-MBA and Bootcamp in Data Science at IE Business School and a Master of Digital Business at ISDI.
Specialist leading digital growth projects for different clients in the travel, retail, insurance, bank, education, automotive and telco industry.
Adjunct professor in digital marketing, CRO, web monetization and design at IED and CIVSEM.

Álvaro Vidales

Head of Branding


Head of Branding at Maalvs. Graduated from a BA in Advertising Communication and Master of Graphic Design at CEI.

His career covers from communication agency to in-house head of communications, and later as consultant, specialized in branding, graphic design and communication for lifestyle brands such as Meliá Hotels International, Beefeater Pink, Marni, Tod’s…


People centric

We work by and for people. At the end, it doesn't matter the industry, size of the company or goals, people must be the center of the business. For that reason we consider ourselves P2P (People to People).

Commitment to the highest standards

"Go the extra mile" is our way of doing. We want to exceed your expectations and to do it so, we will make it happen by always being by your side helping, even if it's not part of the project.

Constant curiosity

As technology is evolving day by day, there are new ways to transform businesses. Curiosity is marked in our DNA to learn and apply these new ways of working in order to give the maximum value to our clients.

Long-term vision

All the projects in which we get involved we take into account impact as quickly as possible but always with a long-term vision in order to make it the most profitable and efficient throughout the years.


Our consulting firm was born after several years observing how this sector works, understanding that start-ups and SMEs do not receive the desired quality to obtain the best results. One of the main factors is simply the cost of the large consulting firms, which leads to hiring a second-tier one. Our goal is to provide top-notch digital and branding services at a very competitive price.

Manuel Alvarez Rodriguez
Alvaro Vidales

Imagine what we can do. Together.

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